Australian witnesses tsunami panic in chile

Australian witnesses tsunami panic in chile

The local reports say two buildings collapsed due to the quake but this was only one part of 에스엠 카지노a청주출장샵 청주출장마사지n epicentre that had to be identified.

The quake hit at 4:33 a.m. and was 6.5 kilometers long at its deepest.

Marlene Correa and her husband Luis were in their home in Pucallpa, Chihuahua, when they heard a loud noise and felt a flash.

“I woke up very badly,” she told Radio Azteca. “The air was so thick with smoke and it was very hot. I thought we had heard a loud explosion.”

Marlene said she looked outside and could see the water pooling beneath the apartment.

The area was completely quiet for most of the afternoon. “There was no wind and the sky was clear, it looked like a rainstorm,” she said.

A helicopter was flying over the site until about 8 p.m. in case of any further earthquakes.

Re여주출장안마scuers also found some houses damaged. “A lot of houses collapsed,” Marlene said.

“It took us about 45 minutes to get to the bottom of the collapse of the collapsed buildings,” said Ricardo Pineda, a government official in Pucallpa, according to Mexico’s Radio Clarin. “I think it may be possible that many houses collapsed because of the strong shaking.”

Another building was not totally destroyed, which is what was also reported by the authorities.

The quake rattled buildings in several towns across Mexico.

Puerto Verban and Chihuahua

Two small quakes triggered quakes in areas near Mexico’s border with Puerto Verban state, where about 10 people were injured.

Marlene’s husband also lives in the town, said Enrique Herrera, a government official in Verban. The couple left their children home early Friday because they were worried about their safety, he said.

On Friday, a magnitude-7.8 quake shook Mexico City, the capital.

There was some relief in those areas as the temblor was only 3.6 on the Richter scale (the official scale) at the time of the first major tremor.

The quake was felt in the capital’s western suburbs, such as Santa Ana and Tulum, by about 300 people.

The capital city was heavily damaged by the first of two large quakes on Thursday, when an explosion wen