Corruption inquiry hears ‘pot of money’ phone taps at NWA president’s home

Corruption inquiry hears ‘pot of money’ phone taps at NWA president’s home

The NWA president’s daughter will face court on charges related to the company’s illegal money-laundering scheme.

A court in Queensland has heard the NWA’s international development chief and former national minister of the Aboriginal Affairs and CDC 철도청 카지노Northern Development (AANDD) network Michael Senga knew of payments being made from the company’s money to foreign criminal figures after his own company was seized by police in 2012.

Gillian Senga, whose companies include Australian Health Service (AHS) International, International Bismuth Group Ltd, and Australian Petroleum Production Council (API) Ltd, denies four charges of making false or misleading declarations.

The offences relate to the money laundering scheme involving the AANDD and AHS money-laundering unit i일산출장마사지n Dubai, from 2004 to 2006.

“This was a serious money-laundering scheme, facilitated by an officer of the Australian government,” Assistant Commissioner Paul McHugh QC said at Sydney’s Central Local Court.

The alleged money-laundering scheme involved paying bribes and gifts to “some of the world’s wealthiest people” to help the organisation obtain AANDD funding.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Australian Health Service chief executive Brian Owler was a founding member of Australian Labor party before resigning in 2012

A spokesperson for AANDD also confirmed that it was in contact with the Indonesian authorities during its alleged dealings with Senga to secure funding for AANDD, but did not elaborate.

A spokesperson for API said it had no knowledge of Senga’s purported connection with the NWA.

The NWA has denied allegations of money-laundering by one of the company’s directors.

An arrest warrant was issued earlier this year in Brisbane as part of a global operation that uncovered $2.7m in money-laundering activity across multiple international jurisdictions, including Indonesia.

The police were “initiating and engaging in a criminal investigation of this type in support of the Australian Government’s anti-corruption strategy”, the FBI said.

One of its officials was on the scene at the time Senga allegedly handed over the ca블랙 잭sh.

In late 2013, NWA CEO Brian Owler, the then-ambassador to Indonesia, was removed from his post, and the CEO’s successor, Dr Andrew Foy, was suspended over the incident.