Molik into luxembourg semi finals with an impressive 6:2 game against zerg

Molik into luxembourg semi finals with an impressive 6:2 game against zerg.

The finals were a rematch of the original semi finals.

With an extremely strong 3 base all-in, Molik outplayed zerg on the first map. On his third, Molik managed to win a fight with Zeratul to give Zerg the advantage, but a huge attack on Terran in the opposite mineral line was enough to turn the tide.

Molik won two games and had to move onto the second map where he won a third. A 4:2 victory for Molik sealed it, as he went on to face off against a different kind of opponent. He faced his former teammate Mvp, a Zerg that has looked solid in the series so far.

Mvp made some mistakes at the start of the game when he lost to Zeratul in ZvT, but then managed to take advantage of a huge mistake on Mvp’s part for the next three games, as he proceeded to completely destroy Mvp’s economy. Molik also managed to show great multitasking skills when he went for an all-in which did not work out for him, but Mvp managed to make it all work for him. Molik had to put together an incredible team fight to finish the game, which included two epic engagements of Zeratul that put a dent in Mvp’s economy.

Losses were big and heavy for all three of these teams, as no one had really been able to come away with a convincing victory. The games were close, but Mvp took it all. His 2 bases were all destroyed by Zerg during the late game, and Molik managed to shut down Mvp’s main base.

Mvp’s 2:1 victory against Molik made sure of it, as this was the final result of the event, as well as the final match to be played before the WCS Global Fina제천출장안마ls.

In addition to the grand final, the four regional qualifiers were a very interesting experience for the players, which were all relatively uninteresting. There were only two notable matches in all of them, both of which were played with only 파라오 카지노one map from the first round played out.

Group C

Round of 4: Taeja vs MaNa

Round of 4: GuMiho vs Ryung

Group B

Round of 4: HuK 속초출장마사지vs San

All times are EDT, so it’s not difficult to see why MaNa and Hu